True Singapore Complain Letter


I was a pissed off Singaporean. When a Singaporean gets pissed off, he complains. He complains like nobody's business and he does not care if he looks like an asshole anymore. Because he was treated as an idiot in the first place. Why would an idiot care about his image? Unfortunately, the Pinoy Team at TPG were not aware they happened to piss off a Singaporean who used to work as a helpdesk agent. Armed with lots of experience reading complain letters, he was able to replicate one of those form the LTA retards. So that he sound informal, very user-like and very pissed off. All he needed was 5 minutes to send that out via his mobile phone while taking a dump in the toilet.

Chapter 1. True Singapore Complain Letter

Dear Sir/Mdm,

My name is Nix. My account name is knnbccb (not the actual account name). I am writing in to make a complain about the non-service and shabby customer service that we received from your team.

I signed up for your ADSL package a month ago. I specifically asked the sales consultant twice over the line to check if we are able to use TPG's services at our premises. Your consultant confirmed there was no problem whatsoever, thus I agreed to go ahead in taking up your services.

A few weeks later, I received an email stating that my internet connection was processed and activated and billing would start thereafter. To my disappointment, it wasn't the case. There was no internet connection at all. I made several calls to the technical support team thereafter. Each call, a technical support consultant would ask me the same questions with seemingly no previous logs of my case. Each time, I was made to wait for long periods and ended without an explaination what went wrong nor any resolution offered. I was told after the last call to wait for Telstra to 'do something' or their end. I waited for another two weeks.

Today I called to check the status of my case. Again, helpdesk knew nothing about my status from my case log. I was made to hold the line for 30 mins before being told that Telstra had completed their checks and concluded there wasn't a problem. That took me to square one and I am still without an internet service from TPG. I was told to wait yet again.

It seems to me my case will be shelved and I will receive no follow ups just like before. TPG worked very fast to deduct a prepayment from me which I gladly paid promptly. But in return I received no service, no explaination of the delay and no assurance of when and how my problem is going to be resolved. Every call ended with your staff paying lip service, with each promise undelivered.

Please kindly advise what I can do to assist TPG to get my internet connection up running WITHOUT ANYMORE DELAY. I will commit full cooperation to make this work out and have no wish to escalate this issue to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.

I look forward to hearing from you, please.

Thank you.


Nix Chin

*** 2 days later ***

Chapter 2. The Standard Shit

Dear Nix,

Thank you for contacting Customer Relations.

We’re sorry to hear about your recent experience with us. TPG always strives to provide excellent customer service and we will do our best to provide the best resolution to your concern.

I am sad to learn that your issues are still left unfixed. I am fully aware of your need of a working service. With this, please allow us to investigate your concerns and a Senior Engineer will be in touch with you very soon to discuss further.

On behalf of TPG, we apologise once more for the inconvenience and appreciate this opportunity to resolve your concern.

Your reference number for this complaint is: #2838322.

Kind Regards,
Ren Berioso | Customer Relations | UserID: 3146
T 13 14 23 | F 02 9850 0813

TPG Telecom (ASX: TPM)
*** On the same day ***

On the day itself after I received this response from the customer relation brother, I was told by Jenny somebody called her to inform he was going to pay us a visit at fix the problem once and for all. Later, somebody called again and explained. It seemed that we had suddenly became VIPs miraculously. Why did we have to come to this state?

The technician came as promised. Within 5 minutes, he managed to get the internet connected by activated a switch somewhere downstairs with a swipe of his finger. We were told we would need to pay A$60 for this 'service'. More about that later.

Needless to say, Jen was elated. "We finally have internet!" she quipped excitedly. The story is not going end here though.

Chapter 3. Mad Dogs Never Let go

Dear Ren,

I refer to my previous complain #2838322. 

Thank you for your prompt response. I am pleased to inform you that your onsite technician came by today and resolved our problem within 5 minutes. In fact, I am sending you this thank-you email through the TPG network packets.

I would like your clarifications on 2 issues.

1) In my first email, I reported that I received an email from TPG, informing me that the internet was active as on 23rd May 2013. As per the email, my billing will start on that day. I will appreciate if you could assist me to get the relevant person to start my billing today, on the 6 June 2013, instead.

2) We were told that we would be required to pay an additional A$60 for the onsite technician's service today. I would not accept this arrangement because I had clearly asked for the breakdown of the total charges I would be expected to pay to receive your service during my first call to your sales consultant. I have since paid up any outstanding amount even despite not having received your internet service as contractually agreed.  You may refer to the my phone logs with your sales consultant for verification if necessary.

Therefore I request this charge to be waived. If this is not possible, I expect a full clarification from TPG in writing.

Thank you for your attention. I look forward to your reply.



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  1. TPG is cheap and good but if there is a problem there is very little IT support available. Good luck I hope you resolve it soon.