Acres of Gold

Before I drove off, I left KL-J a text, "If you are not buying this, give me a loan of 1.5 million."

By the time I reached home, he came back with, "Can no problem but we take your daughter as collateral. My wife always wanted a daughter..."

That was a toughie. I've gotta think. 

When I saw Judy, she asked me how was the viewing. I didn't answer her but asked how much was the EC in Singapore that she was interested in.

"$945,000," she replied.


I sat down and ate some chicken and carrots for dinner quietly. Savvy Steve's house was only a 5-10 minutes drive away... but what a big difference it makes. Here we are, sitting on a measly 310sqm land. With building cost, it didn't come out to 0.5 million bucks but it was close. That property I viewed was a 15 acre lot. It had a residential property on it, built in 1980 but very well kept for its age, almost at a move-in condition. There was a large cottage on it too. It was built in 1940s and would have a lot of character if it was better taken care of but unfortunately it wasn't.

While the cottage was in a shabby state, it was structurally sound with good Jarrah wood that stood the test of time. The cladding of the house, however, badly needed a face lift. Still it had charming things such as 1 very old school fireplace and a firewood oven, features that could potentially look amazing if restored.

I wanted to spend 1 hour at the property. I ended up spending 3 hours there. I have viewed a fair share of properties but never had I spent that much time in one property before. Although the sellers were serious sellers, they had been great hosts and along with the agent, were never pushy. Neil, the son of the owners, told me a lot about his growing up days and what he used to do in the property with his 4 siblings. There were animals everywhere and they caught breams at the river for dinner often. However, his parents are 75 and 80 respectively and could no longer handle the chores in that land and had to sell it.

what a nice campsite....this would be

The owner was a little deaf in his ears. He was a quiet man who did little talking. However when he did, his words carried substance. While looking through his study room, he even showed me a book that he wrote.

"Can I have it?" I asked shamelessly.

"Yes," the old gentleman said and even offered to sign it for me.

They also prepared tea and cakes for me. It wasn't a facade put up for the sale. They were simple and nice folks and I could feel it.

Sentiments aside, let's get down to facts.

This property is 15.3km to Perth City, a 26 minutes drive.

It is 13.3km to Perth Airport, a 17 minutes drive.

It is 6.8km to the nearest hospital, a 10 minutes drive.

A 5 minutes drive to the nearest train station.

It is 7km to an upcoming university.

10 minutes to 2 historic suburbs and 1 big one with full amenities.

It is 1km off the road along a famous tourism route in Perth

It has a riverbank at the end of the land. How many such property can you get hold of?

It has good neighbours to synergise with. They run good businesses and keep their properties beautiful.

It is a safe, peaceful area.

The main property enjoy a consistent gentle breeze from the river throughout the afternoon

All 15 acres of it plus the houses on it, the great location and great potential for $1.5 million. I challenge you to find a better deal.

If only I am not a pissed poor peasant....

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