Stopping Invasive Grass

A few weeks back, Auntie Jo came over to visit. Before she left, she pulled me over and whispered, "You see your grass is creeping to your neighbour's side. Clear it in case they not happy."

Oh bother. It wasn't initially added as my Autumn task list but now I had to commit time to do that. No choice.

Since I had some pavers left, I thought it would be a good idea to create a deep boundary with barricade with them. The roots of the grass would never grow that deep and cross over to the other side again.

It was surprisingly hard to dig a tunnel for my pavers. The roots of the grass were insanely strong. I had to change into my safety boots and eventually wear socks because the stomping on my shovel was starting to give me blisters. Nabei.

Before long, my stomping job was done. The grass finally gave way and realised who was the boss. With the digging done, putting in pavers was a formality for me. I prided myself in doing the best boundary on my street. I saw some of the slip shod work done by my neighbours .... nothing comparable to mine. Theirs were not even straight, for a start.

Now that I have the worst planter box on my street, at least that boundary pavers, along my pavement leading to main door was the best on my street. In time to come, I'll make the best letter box on the street to make up for my planter. I'll do that later..... I have only 2 hands and 24 hours a day...

After the job, Jen helped to remove the grass that crept over to the neighbours. It looked much cleaner now. I'm sure the neighbour will like it.


  1. Grass roots go very deep, hope it will work

  2. i use COLES vinegar high strength to treat the soil only after cutting the grass. NORMAL VINEGAR WILL DO...but need to apply two times on soil,reduced growth,,,cut grass once a month or so.

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