Painting the Planter Box

Well, I ran out of Jasper color paint. You know, I'm very reluctant to spend more on paint. That is one of the reasons why I procrastinated the painting of my planter box until now.

I thought it was a great idea to use some the leftover paint for MIL's job to paint it. It was a good, expensive outdoor paint and would make a lasting finish on any surface.

Before long, I realised it wasn't quite a good idea. The brown simply stood out against the Jasper painted feature wall. Tough luck. I would have to redo the damn thing. Fortunately I stopped at an early stage. A search in the garage yields the finding of plenty of Scallopini paint. That would do, as it was the same paint as the rest of the house face. The only disadvantage using that was the planter box would not stand out as a feature anymore. Did I care? Not really.

So Scallopini it became. I was actually relieved using it because the finish of the rendering was far from perfect. Yes I should have grind uneven surfaces away and patch blots before I began to paint. It was too late to do so as I realise it didn't look that good when I almost completed the paint job. On the bright side, it would look a lot worse if I had used Jasper.

Sure, I could fix the problem by patching and re-painting it. It wasn't all that bad. However, it isn't me to fix up something that is done. I'll always move on to the next undone priority and come back to it when I have nothing left. It could be Spring time or even next Autumn. I do not know.

Since I had all the painting stuff out, I took the opportunity to fix up the imperfections of the Eggshell Cream paint area all around the house. With that, I could strike out two jobs of my Autumn task list. The list is shrinking. I'm relieved.

  • watch a sunrise
  • intensively slim down for Winter (ongoing)
  • touch up the minor paint work issues around the house
  • help the MIL paint her gutters
  • erect a garden rack for MIL
  • complete the uncompleted paver areas around the side gate
  • address the mess in the garage once and for all
  • install shelving and racks in the house (ongoing, done one two)
  • get a large wardrobe for the wife
  • engage M as my interior designer to spice up the house (Jen taking over)
  • teach Albany how to cycle and swim
  • paint the planter box in front
  • convert the front verge into a dry garden

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