I Realised Why I Am a Pissed Poor Peasant

Everyone I know wants to be rich.

However, not everyone is willing to be rich.

What's the logic? Why wouldn't everyone be willing to get rich, if they want to be rich? Isn't that a given?

There is only a minuscule difference between these desires. They are separated by a single thought. There are no mysterious formula to get rich. Over the past few centuries of humanity history, the rules never changed. Working as an employee isn't a way, unless of course you are a Singapore political lapdog. Otherwise, it is very unlikely to get rich being an employee. Being well-to-do perhaps but not rich. There may be some exceptions but those assignments are far and few between. 

The way to get rich is to engage in illegal activities. The other is to run an enterprise. Neither of these are what average people are willing to do to get rich. While they are of radical contrast in nature, they share two common factors. Risk and fear. People perceive doing businesses, illegal or legal, as risky activities. Fear prevents them from trying, the fear of getting caught and the fear of failure respectively. These are not what most people are willing to do. What we prefer having wealth handed over to us. Winning the lotto, being born rich, inheriting, marrying a rich are some examples of instant riches. These are what everyone wants, to become an overnight rich, to have the money to do whatever we want without putting in effort or taking risks.

Over the years I always lament the fact how easy it is for the rich to get richer. I still maintain my position. It is an undetectable fact. As one rise up the food chain, the access to good opportunities increases. The rich take the better ones, leaving scraps for the rest down the pyramid. However, if that is the case, why are there still cases of rags-to-riches constantly happening during each era? They had no money to begin with, no opportunities given to them. So how did they do it?

It all happens in the mind. It begins with a single thought.

A few days ago, I posed this question to as many people as I could, "If a rich man comes up and tell you money is not a problem, tell me your income generating plan and we'll do it and share profits. What will be your plan?"

Only 2 out of 20 people told me their plans. It didn't matter if their business plans were workable or not. What intrigued me was while everyone wants to get rich, only 1 in 10 people have a plan in mind and probably 1 in 100 or even less will take action. The rest of the responses were

"I don't know."

"Who is that rich man? Can he be trusted?"

"I cannot tell my plan to the rich man, he'll steal it."

"What's the catch?"

"Money laundering!"

"I rather work alone, working with a partner has too many complications."

"Going into business with a friend is a sure way of destroying the relationship."

etc. etc. You get the drift.

I was surprised with the reactions. I really was. Although the question was obviously hypothetical, I did not get any hint of excitement from any of them, as compared to how the question of "What will you do if you win the lottery of $15 million dollars?" A hypothetical question all the same and the likelihood of that happening to anyone I asked is near zero, yet watch them tell you their fantasies in a child-like glee, you wonder why there isn't any similar response to the previous question.

The important question is, what kind of person am I? 

What am I willing to do to remove my financial shackles and break the poverty viscous cycle for my family? Or will I be contented to stick to the day job and hope for a miracle like everyone else?

When I was offered an employment opportunity with profit sharing and a chance to gain shares, it bothered me to no end. I was sullen for days. I knew there was no point asking anyone for opinions because all I'll get are voices screaming at me to stay out of dubious arrangements and stay down-to-earth. Then the guilt manipulative statements will follow, "Think of your family and kids. What will happen if you fail?" That one should stab through the heart of any father and sole bread winner. I cast aside all the irrelevant stuff and asked myself the question, "Should I have a decent piece of farmland and a sum of investment capital, do I know how to use it, create ROI and get rich?"

It was then I realised why I am a pissed poor peasant as it is. 

It all happens in the mind. It begins with a single thought. My mind was blank. It occurred to me that if we think so hard that our brain hurt, our ideas and willingness to take action will attract the money somehow. Or it may not ..... but in any case, it still beat the odds of sitting around doing nothing about it hands down. I will start hurting my brain, thinking.

If .... or when the employment opportunity comes knocking really hard, will I open the door? I can see the fear in my wife's eyes when I brought it up. I can see my very own in front of the mirror. There are 101 questions unanswered and 101 doubts uncleared. Is that how it is, akin my migration dilemma 5 years ago? I have taken a leap blindfolded before. What is another? Life is but an adventure. I shouldn't take it so seriously. Should the knock comes, I'll open it and check what was on offer. If the odds are favourable, I'll walk through the darkness and jump .... like what I did before.


  1. come on, you are not at all a poor peasant! you are able to set foot on perth. last time, when i was a taxi driver in lion city. you will not imagine the things the chenghu langs made me go thru. there is no justice at all, they were trying to set me up, frame and get me in jail. i told myself that if there is a day i will go back for good, is the day i see the chenghu langs in jail, which will not happen at all. so... my point is that you will not understand what i am trying to say cos' your life is not that bad at all. as for envy of rich or not, i think you should just take it as it comes.

  2. ah bro, allow me to add-on further comments, i have witnessed power abuse and have been a victim for 16 years. they utterly tried to ruin me! even the head of state know about it and nothing is done. the most, the scums will be retired early and still get to enjoy a good life until their name are called. that's the difference between a miserable peasant and a crony.

    please excuse me if you think i say too much or if it's inconvenient in anyway, i will make my way out. please feel free to let me know. cheers and have a good nite!