Annoying Garage

Savvy Steve's garage does not look that messy. Unfortunately, this (left) is the neatest part of the garage. There are worse sides of the walls that are best remained unseen.

I found myself standing like a loon in the garage many times last weekend. I didn't know where to begin. Believe me, I am a great organiser and can sort out any mess if I want to. However, that felt like playing a game of solitaire or freecell, being in a permanent locked situation. Fortunately unlike in those games, I can add elements into the situation to change it. My current racks do not solve my problem. I will need to spend time (and some money) to install wall shelves to house some of the permanent items. It shall be be done flushed to the columns without encroaching into the garage space.

The far side shall be have shelving flushed to the columns as well. Only one side of the wall shall be lined with my racks. That way, I could free up enough space to park 2 cars in the garage once again, as well as accommodating the amount of things I need to house in the garage.

An inspection of the fence also confirmed the possibility of freeing up about 1.5 sqm of space if I were to modify part of the fence behind. It was an oversight from me, I should have gotten the lazy fucks who did the fencing to do that. However, I was too busy working on the interior back then to think about it. Fortunately, my experience in making the side gate will be adequate for me to modify my fence. I shall claim my 1.5 sqm. In a tiny house like Savvy Steve's, every inch matters. I shall add this task to the list but it may or may not be completed in Autumn. All tasks unfinished will be carried over to Winter.

Despite moving all the remaining pavers out of the garage, it appeared that was only 10% of the work done. Addressing the mess in the garage is harder than I thought. I will have to put in real effort this weekend or it will never be done. Well, at least I got started. The start will always be the hardest. Things will get better.

Autumn Tasks
  • watch a sunrise
  • intensively slim down for Winter (ongoing)
  • touch up the minor paint work issues around the house
  • help the MIL paint her gutters
  • erect a garden rack for MIL
  • complete the uncompleted paver areas around the side gate
  • address the mess in the garage once and for all (ongoing)
  • install shelving and racks in the house (ongoing, done one two three)
  • get a large wardrobe for the wife
  • engage M as my interior designer to spice up the house (Jen taking over)
  • paint the planter box in front
  • convert the front verge into a dry garden

Winter Tasks
  • modify fence to free up 1.5 sqm space
  • teach Albany how to swim
  • work on the backyard
  • grow plants in front of the back room windows

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