Pursuing a Nursing Diploma and the Chance to Get the PR

Mr N, "a crazy Singaporean son"
27 years old
12 April, 2017

Hi Nix,

I am Mr N, a very silent reader since my email to you in 2012.

Since 2012, it was the idea of migration that kept me going on 2 jobs. In 2016, I finally cleared my debts and saved up a decent amount to launch the migration project. We will talk about austerity measures separately. No, I don’t have the guts to launch the project like the way you did.

8 IELTS attempts to get 8.0 score for ALL items (speaking, reading, writing, listening) didn’t produce the results I wanted. Someone else was much much luckier, we had the exact same qualifications, but in the space of 4 months the authorities decided not to sponsor my visa 190.

Here I am, somewhere in a small city in Remote Australia, doing a 2-year diploma as an international student. I am surprised at the age group diversity in my class. There is 20-year- old XMM to 60-year-

old grandmother in my cohort of 22 students. One month into full time studies, no complaints. Everyone’s quite chill-lax for the (common-sense) communications module. I’m waiting for the “real stuff” which will tickle my technical mind.

I noticed that you seemed to get ITE-vs- TAFE type of queries. To me, there is only 1 questions to those people: WHERE do you want to work after you graduate?

If you are returning to the World’s Richest Country per Capita, you shouldn’t be even considering TAFE. End of Conversation.

If you intend to stay in AU, read on:

Nix has written enough on the points system. I won’t replicate his explanation. I only intend to clarify on how to do a career change and migration consecutively.

Read the phrase “skilled employment”.

Skilled employment

Only 20 points can be awarded for any combination
of skilled employment in and
outside Australia

In Australia: skilled employment in your nominated skilled occupation or a closely related skilled occupation

In skilled employment for at least one but less than three years (of the past 10 years)

Australian study requirement
One or more degrees, diplomas or trade qualifications
awarded by an Australian educational institution and meet the Australian study requirement

Other factors
Study in regional Australia or a low population growth metropolitan area (excluding distance education)


If you are considering staying in AU after you graduate, you need to go through skills assessment for your diploma / degree / phd BEFORE you apply for visa 190.

To make life simple, here’s a checklist:

1) Does the diploma / degree / Master’s degree last for more than 92 weeks in the CRICOS? If yes, you meet the Australian Study Requirement.

[Warning] Please choose your education service provider wisely.

2) If you fulfill Criteria 1, check out how do graduates apply for Skill Assessment under that Nominated Skill Category. Go figure which skills assessment authority is for your intended diploma. There will be criteria stated in their Migration Skills Assessment booklets on their website.

Check out SOL and CSOL lists for each state.

3) If you fulfill Criteria 1, you can apply for visa 485, which is essentially a 2-year work visa.

4a) Go find out which state need people with your skill set,

4b) get your skills assessment

4c) Apply for visa 190.

The common pitfall for career changers is: they get stuck with skills assessment (Criteria 2) and forced to go home.

Now the location of your TAFE matters. Under “Regional Australia”, go figure which areas are considered as regional. Trust me, I considered Northern Territory, but they don’t have the course I want.

My diploma satisfies criteria 1 and 2 immediately once I graduate, hence I qualify for criteria 3. I will have 0 years of relevant work experience. This is fine because the skills assessment authority has validated that I am licensed to do the work and be employed, and I have 0 years of relevant work experience.

Hope that clarifies the readers’ consideration of going the long way via ITE.

My apologies for being so secretive about my course and residential location. It’s the internet after all, and I have provided enough information to what exactly I am studying. I don’t want the sum of all information to lead to the ability to identify me, especially not in my school. I wont be sharing my cost structure in such public spaces, contact me privately. The course structure identifies my location immediately.

If I’m comfortable and confident that the reader is sufficiently determined to get a diploma, I will send them my costing sheet. I don’t want to waste time on NATO and hot air. (shouldn’t it be TONA?)

Why didn’t I do my course in the World’s Richest Country per Capita?


You think my backside so itchy to sign a 125,000 SGD bond, knowing that I will break it??

My landlord’s 4-bedroom house (200m2 I think) costs 270,000 AUD. I rather sign a mortgage in AU.

Readers may feel free to ask me any questions.


Mr N, aka Mr aNchovy.

Mr N can be contacted at cannothear.deeplake@gmail.com.


  1. Hi Mr N

    I am that "someone else much luckier" than you that you mentioned in your post. If you do read this comment, just want to let you know that I am working in Sydney you can contact me again whenever.

  2. nursing is a good option! i know of one Singaporean couple, the husband is a male nurse. the son however went back to s'pore cos' he doesn't like it in oz. an experienced nurse can choose to work for couple of days a week and get paid for $50 an hour.

  3. I got a quick question.


    Say for example, I go study a nursing course and upon graduation I try to apply for a visa 190. But for state nomination, they require working experience. So I would like to check is it possible to apply for visa 190 straight after finishing school?