Caught a Sunrise

I caught the sunrise. It was so beautiful that I danced around the place to celebrate. Have I ever waited specifically for the sun to rise in all my years in Singapore? No. Who does that, really? I doubt many Singaporeans have time to smell the rose or watch a sunrise. If they do, how beautiful can it be? Is it even comparable to that one that I witnessed? Was the surroundings a tranquil silence, broken occasionally by the odd chirping of birds with no sounds of human activities such as an automobile passing by? I very much doubt Singapore can provide such an experience these days. 

Needless to say, I didn't have the habit of catching sunrises even after I moved to Perth, until the promise. I made myself wake and drove to a clearing where I suspected I could catch a good sun rise. I did and how amazing it looked. I was happy. In time to come, I would watch another with one who appreciates it.

Having watched countless of beautiful sunsets outside Savvy Steve's place, a sunrise was an entirely different experience and had a symbolic meaning to me. The beginning of something beautiful. It was the start of a lifecycle of something significant to me. It felt surreal watching the landscape transformed within a few minutes. What will the future be? Does it really matter? With my brush with cancer 4 years ago, I always feel I'm living on borrowed time and do not want to over-analyse and paralyse myself by holding back my emotions or dreams. I shall catch more sunrises in the future, to remind myself to live to the fullest.

  • watch a sunrise
  • intensively slim down for Winter (ongoing)
  • touch up the minor paint work issues around the house
  • help the MIL paint her gutters
  • erect a garden rack for MIL
  • complete the uncompleted paver areas around the side gate
  • address the mess in the garage once and for all
  • install shelving and racks in the house (ongoing, done one two)
  • get a large wardrobe for the wife
  • engage M as my interior designer to spice up the house (Jen taking over)
  • teach Albany how to cycle and swim
  • paint the planter box in front
  • convert the front verge into a dry garden

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  1. "Have I ever waited specifically for the sun to rise in all my years in Singapore? No. Who does that, really?"

    I actually did when I was in secondary school, a couple of times in fact. During the Dec school holidays, at East Coast Park, with a few char bors in tow. We will thon all night, and then pretend to be romantic to sian the char bors when the sun is up...