Gathering Mode

Angie is going to migrate to Perth around the 3rd quarter of the year. We have been putting aside everything from kitchenware, household items and children's toys for her. Each time we asked if she wanted an item, she would never say no to it. By now, we have gathered a sizable heap of items.

If you want to put it in a bad way, I am dumping my unwanted items to Angie. However, I don't see things that way. I believe firmly each item will go a long way to help her out in settling down. Be honest, don't you feel happy when you receive a goodie bag, containing a handful of diapers and other useful stuff for new parents, from the maternity hospital after your baby is born? How about a goodie bag for Standard Chartered runs in Singapore? I know of people who go for runs for that finisher T-shirt instead of anything rightfully else. Well, people get really exciting receiving a Fun pack pack at NDP. Therefore, I should be proud to present Angie a Migration Fun Pack Pack.

the good ol days with the legend
Angie's "Simi-sai-also-want" attitude reminded me of myself when I first came to Perth. Imagine, I picked up a gas stove and put it in Joanna's backyard. I couldn't understand her incredulous expression then but I do now. I picked up a really heavy couch and drove it back to my rented property on my 1995 Corolla. Children in passing cars gave me faces of amazement as if they were watching a Chingay Procession. I felt proud to share my Singaporean culture with the locals. The fucking Singapore embassy in Canberra where no living Singaporean is living should make me an ambassador just for that.

What happened to me and is happening to Angie is a phenomenon I call the Gathering Mode. It doesn't happen to everyone. You will be surprised it does not happen to the most Kiasu and Kiasi Singaporeans. Quite the opposite, in fact. These valued species in Singapore are the entitled version of Singaporeans who expect red carpet treatment from their adopted countries, walk into jobs, expect the locals to accept their culture and mentality. Sure, they love a freebie any day but picking up discarded items in public? No way! Scared kena somehow Stomped in Perth also. No money can but cannot no face lah!

There is nothing shameful about being in a Gathering Mode. Yes, I am a pissed poor peasant and Angie will pretend that she is. (but she isn't, she owns a car in Singapore!) However, this has little to do with money or the lack of. I did bring a sum of money to Perth when I came over. It should be sufficient to last us long enough before finding a job that can kick start a more sustainable life here without eating into the savings anymore. I went into Gathering Mode because I was pessimistic about my migration.

Yes, you heard that right. That is what set Gathering Moders like Angie and I apart from the other Singaporeans. Most migrants are optimistic about their moves, which is logical. Who in the right mind will move to a country if they are pessimistic about their future there? Well some of us do because we have reached a tipping point where economic reasons are no longer significant on the push-pull balance.

I'm not sure if I can considered myself settled down in Perth today. The Gathering Mode is still well and alive, but to a lesser extend. We have been doing a lot of paying forward recently. The kindness we have received over the last 5 years helped us tremendously. If I am unable to express my appreciation to friends and strangers who had help me in person, I hope by paying it forward, I can make their efforts to me worthwhile because I will be doing the same for the others in their spirit.

Long live the Gathering Mode.

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  1. Hee... recently my wife managed to get a free BBQ stove and two tables. ;) Cheers.