Verify My Lanjiao Bin

Showing a laojiao bin get things done quick
We have considered your case carefully and will offer an exception. We could do face-to-face verification over Skype. Please advise via email the specific date and time (Canberra Time) for the Skype :

Between (Office Hours) :
9:00am to 12:00pm
2:00pm to 4:30pm

Please get ready the current passport/ NRIC for identification purposes during the Skype. Once verified, please forward the current passport for cancellation plus a self-addressed registered prepaid post envelope to return both passports.

So this is why I didn't report to work at the usual time and better get my ass going soon. It's going to be a busy week at work. The call did not take more than 1 minute and it wasn't a "face-to-face" Skype call. Only the official at work was looking at my lao jiao bin, I didn't get to see her - not that it mattered. I just want to get the terminology correct. It was a laojiao bin-to-computer screen verification.

Fortunately, my lanjiao bin matches my application photograph. Therefore the executive announced that I passed! It did not take more than 1 minute. Guess having a lanjiao bin speeds things up.

The next step to do is to mail my passport to Canberra and get it mailed right back together with the new passport. It's like those chaps going to Vietnam to get a bride back - going to burn a hole in my pissed poor pocket like them. If a bird doesn't steal my mail, I should be expecting my passport this month and I will fly back to SG to visit my loved ones and the rest of you fuckers.

To maintain my Singaporean traits, I dropped her an email to confirm the verification has been done and the actions I will be undertaking shortly. Just in case. You never know... because even in Australia, pratas are available and can certainly be flipped.

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