Rats on the Roof?

The ladies at home complained of "scratching sounds" in the roof. So I had to enter the roof to do an investigation. Seriously, I did not relish a battle with a Rat King at my current age. My HP was also not as high as before and falling through the ceiling board as a quick exit wasn't exactly my idea of fun during my weekend. My ladder wasn't even high enough. So I had to put my ladder on top Albany's kids table to get high enough. Her table and chairs set was one of the best things I picked up from someone for free. They were sturdy, stable and built to last for a lifetime.

So I got up there with some Ratsak, bought from the robbers called Bunnings. It was hot, even in the cool Autumn afternoon. I was stuck at the manhole for ages, wondering how the heck I should move. I guess there was where all those obstacle courses I used to do very well when I was a young child were finally paying off. Those bookworms would be falling through the boards if they attempted this, haha! I could imagine the scenes. There were large conduits everywhere to block my moves and rockwool insulation to mask timber beams that I could put my weight on. The low truss also didn't help. Though I'm not exactly very tall, I am no shortie either. 

Why was this area not insulated?

At times, I had to crawl through tight areas, groaning when rockwool rubbed against my skin because overexposure to these could cause a bad case of itchiness. I could hear the household from the top. Albany's exciting voice and the ladies chatting happily, cleanly forgetting I ever existed, as I struggled to get around the place.

No signs of rats. No droppings or any signs of life of warm blooded animals. I wasn't too sure if I really wanted to find some rats there. I placed some of the poison baits at spots where the ladies thought they heard scratching sounds. I would have to return to check the baits to know for sure.

The baits were supposed to attract the rodents to consume and they would die without a week. Sometimes, they would leave the house in search of water because it was supposed to make them feel thirsty and hot. So there was a good chance they would die out of the property.

Over the next few days, they did not hear any scratching sounds anymore. I wasn't too sure if the baiting works or there were rats on the roof to begin with. I guess the only way to find out was to make another climb and investigate.....

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