Flying 3088km to Collect a Passport

When you receive an email that begins with "Please be advised....," you can be sure it was one from Singapore.

Please be advised that your new passport has arrived at the Singapore High Commission, Canberra.

According to ICA's guidelines,  we will not be able to post your passport to your home address in Australia without first conducting a face-to-face verification. Face-to-face verification for passport collection is a mandatory requirement. (Passport applicants, including children, are required to present themselves in person at least once during application or collection of the passport).

1)            The applicant will be required to appear in person (including children) at the Singapore High Commission in Canberra to collect the new passport during weekdays, Monday to Friday:   8:30am - 12:30pm; 1:30pm - 5:00pm (Except Public Holiday). Please remember to bring along your existing passport to be invalidated; or

2)            You may complete the below table and email back to to be considered for alternative face-to-face verification via Skype. Each application will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and a consular official will contact you as soon as possible.

Both your old and new passports will be returned and no visas in your old passport will be cancelled. Please note that you will have to collect your passport within 6 months. Passports not collected within 6 months will be cancelled and returned to ICA in Singapore.

You are advise and encourage to eRegister with the MFA for your stay in Australia for emergency cases.

For queries with regards to Australian visa, please contact the Australian immigration for more information. Thank you.

Thanks & regards,
XXXXXXX l Consular Assistant
Singapore High Commission l 17 Forster Crescent Yarralumla ACT 2600
T : 02 6271 2000 l F:02 6273 8165

Please fill in the table below and email back to . Please note we will access case by case basis and a consular official will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you

Full Name (as in passport)             

i) Passport Number:
ii) NRIC number:



Expiry date (of existing passport)

Mobile number / Residence number

Email Address

City of Residence in Australia:

Address in Australia

Have you submitted an application to renew your passport?

If yes, when did you submit the application?

Was it submitted via APPLES or through the Singapore High Commission in Canberra?

By when do you need the new passport?

Are you traveling back to Singapore before your passport expires?

Please provide reasons for not being able to travel down to collect your passport in Canberra. (Pls elaborate)

Kaninabu chao cheebye.

Fuck you and your case by case basis.

Why does the Singapore embassy in Australia expects Singaporeans in Australia to travel all the way to the no-man's desolated wasteland to collect a passport? Hello, Singapore Embassy, wake up your fucking idea. This is Australia and that is the Eyre Highway, not Orchard Road. Travelling all 1660km on Eyre only takes me to the halfway point between me and your no-man's land.

And if we don't make that Journey to the East to retrieve our scriptures, we are under their mercy of a "case by case" consideration to grant us a fucking Skype call. Why don't they station the embassy at Alice Springs? At least when we travel there by foot, it gives us that correct 'feel' and we'll certainly ascend to the heavens as deities after we retrieve our holy red passports.

Yes, I know they will probably (they better!) grant me the interview but I hate the fact that they hold the right to "consider" and put us under a "case-by-case" situation as often as they can. I hate the fact I have to insult my intelligence by providing reasons why it is not feasible for me to fly to the fucking ACT to do the shit. It is the same shit that I moved away from but they are completely the same here. They will never change. Never!


  1. Good day bro..they are dead bird brain dead and for the past 10 years nothing much have changed.

    Back in 2011, when the whole country knew there was a Presidential election taking place, I called to ask if overseas voting can be exercised in the city I am living in (who would have wondered then that Singapore does not have consular offices in major Australian cities because they are probably too cheap on a budget to do that). And what did I get.."oh got presidential election this year meh??"

    I don't have that many fond memories dealing with Singapore High Comm and knowing the civil service culture..nothing will ever change..not for the next century.

  2. They want to discourage Sporeans from staying in Oz. Also just reeks of sheer arrogance.

  3. Collected mine in Canberra and spent a night in the nation's capital as a result.
    You won't encounter this problem if you have gotten your Australian passport after residing minimum four years in Australia which you already have.

  4. I have my fair share of dealing with the public service in Spore. yah... NOTHING ever changes. So glad I'm out of there!

  5. Exactly. Moreover, now as a foreign talent I find that there are already certain benefits I enjoy. And there aren't that many downsides. Its like the best of both worlds.