Egged On

The rich businessman is still contacting me regularly, much to my surprise. What does he see in me, a pissed poor peasant with no significant business skills, I do not know. He told me it was 'karma'. I didn't know what he meant and how things like that work but it didn't sound too bad. I think that was probably the best answer he could give. Come to think of it, if I was stupid enough to ask a question like that, I cannot expect anything other than an answer of supernatural nature. Let's face it, I'm nobody and I am not exceptionally skilled or possessed great knowledge that he could tap into. If Jovial J just wanted somebody to do work, he could have advertise and get a long queue from Bukit Batok to Marina South in this current economy in Perth. Instead, he told me he wanted to help me do better in life. I believe that sounded the alarm bells for anyone I told the story to. They just told me to be careful. Well, what is there to be careful about? I have nothing to lose.

Let's just call him Jovial J, since we all like to assume the rich are always happy. Whether that is true or not, I'll tell you if I ever get rich. Jovial J told me quite a few times that I am approaching the big 4 and should seriously consider doing something bigger, as it is now-or-never. I don't think I'll ever get rich although it will be nice to but I'm not in this because of that. 

First thing first, the tasks that he entrusted to me are real-life work not Lemonade Tycoon on my computer. I get to see first hand how a business person set up shop. That is why I have been running about the place, doing things that I normally don't enjoy doing, such as talking to people. I didn't expect to be paid but he honored his words so that would have covered my cost, which was great because the wallet of a pissed poor peasant is usually too light.

This whole business makes me curious, very curious. Jovial J was very interested in eggs preservation. You could say he seemed almost obsessed with it. You would have thought he made his pot of gold in the dry food industry, hawking his wares in a singlet with a fan in one hand at the wholesale centre in Pasir Panjang. But of course not! On any other day, he would show me pictures of his experiments with eggs. Every now and then, he would come back to egg me on, so that I wouldn't slacken, by giving me assignments in looking into either product or premises. I even gotten Judy interested in making pastry with salted egg flavour. She said she would try out something soon.

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  1. "Well, what is there to be careful about? I have nothing to lose."

    Your anal virginity.


    Unless of course Jen has already explored that area, then you have nothing to lose.