Easter Eggs Hunting

On Easter, Albany woke up with a big smile and peeked at me from the top of the double decked bed that I picked up for free. When she saw me awake, she giggled loudly and quickly climbed down the ladder and jumped on my bed when she was half-way through. I hugged and tickled her as she laughed out loud.

Before long, I got up and dashed for the door. Albany would usually cry if I did that. She could be really sticky even at that age. However, I told her of the good news. "Let's go hunt eggs," I said and her eyes lit bright. I heard from the missus that she had hidden chocolate Easter eggs the previous night. Like any kid of Albany's age, she loved those things.

It was interesting watching her hunt eggs. How much has she grown.... It seemed like yesterday when she was always sticking to me, sitting on my lap all the time and cried for hugs when I had to cook. The thing about parenting is, bad times don't stay forever. No matter how difficult a stage of parenting can be, it shall pass with time. Alas, so does the good times. If I were asked to give a word of advice to young couples who plan to have children, I'll say, "Do not just focus on the bad times. Double your good times by really living it and do not let those pass easily." Therefore, I cherish my good times with Albany a lot. I still want her to know she is my precious. 

All of a suddenly, Albany could read well. I have no clue if her progress is slower or on par with Singapore educated kids but I have no interest of knowing. I don't think Albany is inferior in her development as compared to her peers in Singapore anyway. Since she is cycling almost everyday, she will be an accomplished cyclist in no time. I will try to teach her swimming in mid May. That is going to be a tough one, as I was a self-taught swimmer and not a very good one at that....

Another Easter came and gone. It was a pity I was on a strict diet and was unable to wolf down a few free hot crossed buns in Bunnings when I was there to get my paint earlier on. Perhaps next year.

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