Anniversary Rally: Harvest, Hallucination, Horny

Congratulations for a year of fantastic blogging, I and many others have really enjoyed your posts. Thank you so much!


Thank you Anonymous 27 August 2012 19:53. Thank you for reminding and the support for the past year.  You know what? I was writing another post in mind when I saw your comment. I totally missed this one out and decided to shelf the other post and write some of my thoughts about this instead. Here goes and hope you enjoy this

Anniversary Rally 2012 
by asingaporeanson 28/08/2012

Good morning my countrymen, overseas Singaporeans and Malaysian kawans.  Thank you for reading today. We are celebrating our first year anniversary today after receiving a timely reminder from an anonymous reader. Since that unexpected remainder, our huge team (consisting of me, myself and I) at asingaporeanson worked very hard to squeeze in this one.

It has been an eventful year at this blog. It began as a personal diary and has somehow caught on with a small group of regular readers. Since then it has gone from strength to strength. At the end of the year, it is still ... er ... a personal diary. But our team has great visions for the blog and I, asingaporeanson, will like to take the opportunity to represent my team to share them with you here today.

Firstly, I am pleased to announce our team at will be engaging all of you readers in a Blogospheric Conversation about how to take this blog forward by putting readers at the heart of our concerns. It will be an opportunity for readers to come together and ask, "What matters most? What do we want to go as a blog, as united readers?  I hereby urge all readers to take part in the Blogospheric Conversation and it will be as inclusive as possible.

Next, I will like to give readers an insight on "What is the next chapter of asingaporeanson story? I wish I can go on all night but I know the time of you readers is very precious so I will summarise them into an overarching theme of Harvest, Hallucinate and Horny.

Winter is going to be over in a few day's time. It is time to reap and sow the land that given to mankind. asingaporeanson is not going to go against the laws of nature. Only yesterday, we have received invitations from Grace to harvest her raspberry tree. For the coming year, our primarily focus is to harvest fervently. Although this is extremely small scale, we should be proud that we are moving ahead to adopt the Ways of the Farmer.

Most readers need to understand the need of more harvesting posts to come in and accept them. Many have concerns because these are really dry and boring posts which causes real problems in reading through every single one and I completely understand this. But I am worried by some of the nasty views expressed, especially by "Choked-on-coke", a new name I gave to an anonymous reader, who is choked on coke.

Publicity is a main focus of We have a series of plans that will have long term impacts on this blog. The first major change was to create a facebook page for this blog. The focus of the page will be for posting random musings rather than actual blog posts because nice short musings are highly in demand, rather than boring blog posts that nobody really wants to share.

I hope that readers will take advantage of this - not just to read, laugh and forget but to develop themselves, learn something useful and help to share blog posts. We are aiming through this initiative, all readers will “level up” and make a positive difference to our development at to increase the variety of options. The transformation is difficult but we expect to see results in 5-7 years. We aim to take this blog to greater heights and finally publicly listed on SGX in future.

Many people has came up to me and ask “When is the next one?” 
We have a problem. We cannot seem to make a decision to stop at one or have another child and when, if so. We have many considerations and concerns. The issues of a permanent home with privacy and adequate income are nagging. We have said no to a dual income family for a very long time but I think it may be time we have to change.

Concerned family and friends however, cannot develop a “fall from heaven” mentality and expect babies coming from the pipeline. We will need to improve the Horny Index first. That is difficult for any unsettled couple in a strange land in the first few years. Ultimately, it is not about having children only but also values and deep motivations. We want to create the right environment so as to achieve good harvest, adequate hallucinations and right level of horniness.

With that, I end the first Anniversary Rally of I thank you for reading and sharing.


  1. hahahahahahaha.. I just added more Hs to your new post. ;) M

  2. If you wait for the 'right' time, when you can afford it, when you have job security, when you have your own house etc. you will not have children because there is always a sensible reason not to. Without children, you will spend too much and worry about security. With children,you will spend too much and worry about security. The difference is the joy that children bring to your life. They keep you young and you continue to learn through them and have the bonus of more love in your life :)

  3. Glad my comment inspired the anniversary rally, I look forward to the the 2013 version if you have the wherewithal! Keep up the good work, especially the Farmer Nix posts :)

  4. Congratulations! Your blog has brought like-minded people together... Definitely cannot qualify as "divisive".. sorry to disappoint you :)

  5. Congratulations.

    My 31st anniversary of arriving in Perth is coming up, and we celebrate every one with great joy.

    May you have as much for yours.

  6. It's already one yr! Time flies! By next year, it will cross more than a million hits! Keep on writing. I really envy you could write what you want - no restrictions or control from your bosses, big brother or others! You already left a rich library of archives esp to those who wish to emigrate to your place. They can always follow the blueprint you set out for them here.

  7. Congrads, asingaporeanson! It has been fun and enlightening reading your posts and your readers' comments. May there be "more good years", haha :-D