11 Months of Perth

Lesmurdie Falls

For or against our wills, when Change comes knocking on the door, it doesn't pay to resist. 

Because you can't.

It will return in a different form, a more loathsome form sometimes. However, when we embrace Change, Change reciprocates. Each time, Change fuses with us and be part of our lives, for better or worse.

It is a different ball game when we search for Change. I don't mean the type we find resting forgotten on the floor. A search for Change is tough. Unlike that Change that hunt us down, this is not defined by nature and it is in our hands to mold it. Change is neither good nor evil, we must be take extra care while shaping it lest it turns against us.

Fear is the enemy of Change. It will do its best to stop you from reuniting with Change. For each time you find and accept Change, Fear is conquered, symbolically.

Uncertainty is the accomplice of Fear. His job is cast a shadow of doubt , leaving you nonplus and paralyzed. In this condition, Fear appears mightier, more damaging than he is. It gets us every single time without fail, that is the a human being is created to react.

Hesitation is our friend. It protects us from the assault of harmful elements. It freezes us in time so we can search for the most favourable solution to eliminate our opponents, such as Fear and Uncertainty. Without Hesitation's gentle aegis, sometimes we react well due to instincts, sometimes not so. Beyond Hesitation's incredible powers, it is ordinary in other aspects. It does not travel in super speed and can not always come to our aid each time.

I landed during last mid-September. By the time I make the next entry to this series, Winter will be over and I will have come a full cycle of my Perth life. A next cycle beckons. They say that the pace of life is slow in Australia, yet time shadowed past like a master ninja. Over 11 months, I have been injected with Change. Battling at a break neck pace, I did not enjoy Hesitation's intervention so I have to rely on myself to make decisions, in which I think I have made many bad ones, some good ones. I've to accept my own decisions, the sweet and the bitter that come with them. Life is never fair and perhaps it is never meant to be. Neither is it meant to be perfect.

Month 1


  1. If you never make mistakes you will never improve, mistakes teach us what to do next time. Wisdom gained :)

  2. Making mistakes at times are unavoiadable especially when you are totally new and virgin to that job and no one is guiding you.However in some jobs, u make mistakes and that will be your last on the planet.
    Seriousness is the only thing tttttto pppprevent mistakes bigggg or small from Temasek holdings investment losses to forgetting to close your door when you drive a car.

    forgive my mistakes above from bad spelling to grammer.

  3. CHANGE is the only constant in the universe.
    易经 I-Ching the classic on CHANGE tells us everything CHANGES.
    Nothing is static. The weather CHANGES everyday; the news is DIFFERENT everyday. Egg CHANGES into caterpillar to pupa to butterfly. Baby to infant to teenager to adult to old man.
    Heaven is the almighty power behind all the CHANGES in the universe and sometimes in the man-made world.
    Sadly, mindsets in human set the mind for life and he is incapable of CHANGE. Change your THINKING OR MINDSET AND YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER AND FOR THE BETER.
    Nix, change not for the sake of change BUT FOR THE BETTER.

  4. Nix, change is the only constant in life.

    Someone once told me that make mistakes or changes when you can still afford to and through such means, we are actually realizing who we are. :-)

    -Jie Yin