Food Talks

Credits: Singapore food cooked by Stephen the man last Saturday

Many Singaporeans I know told me they will never leave Singapore because they miss the food too much. I understand perfectly. Food is big deal to Singaporeans. That was why many new migrants I've met scrambled around like hungry dogs going through cold turkey, wilting as they hunted for their dose of home-cooked Singaporean food. I was probably one of them previously.

All migrants have to handle homesickness, the anguish of being apart from family and friends, coping with the new environment, making new friends, tuning into local culture and making a living all at the same time. It is never easy and definitely not rosy. Singaporean migrants have one more thing to cope with, missing the food of our homeland. As if life isn't difficult enough already.

Thus the willingness to learn how to cook though isn't crucial, helps a lot in our transition here. Not only it cures our special needs, it saves money here. Lots of it. Moreover it is fun and somewhat satisfactory when you finally produce something as good as what you can get back home. The next thing to do is to share it with friends, especially the hungry. That is probably the fastest way to make friends here, chatting over a plate of char bee hoon (Steph), roast pork (Pat), bak kwa (MF), a cup of ya kun coffee (Angel) and very soon Shamirah will be hosting Singaporeans in Perth with her tribal magic in the kitchen after the Ramadan month. It has been proven time and again.

Food talks.


  1. tot there's lots of Sg seasoning mixes over in Australia? that should be some kind of relief i hope. yin fen

  2. Yum, yum, yummy!
    Thanks for sharing (especially the photo)! :-P

  3. Wah, Nix, why? why you post such yummy food's photo's? now I'm very jealous liao. I have to hunt for close to a year before I finally found a shop that stocks Singaporean style fish cakes. But now those fish cakes seems to be appearing in more retail shops. But bak kwa... haizzz...

  4. Guess what. To prepare for the self-reliant life in Australia, I have learnt to cook chicken rice, simple mee
    Goreng and learning more.

    This week, I am facing "intimidation" here and I have to conquer if not I will be intimidated in Australia. The inferiority complex sets in even here.

    Today, I got a case officer! My mind is twirling!

    1. Yeah!
      Excited by the accomplishment of impossibilities!
      I never know I could cook relatively well!

      Last sunday, my husband and I baked bread..
      I am opening to more options now!

  5. I am the ex-accountant....

    1. Space, did you join the fb group?

      I remember ur comment.

    2. Hi,

      Nope, I did not join any fb group.
      Oh gosh! Went DIAC website and all met except health check and clearance.
      Too fast for comfort and I am not even 1/3 completing my bond:(