Wayang Papaya

Some minister started to meet commoners. [link] Specifically bloggers. No doubt, the majority of Singaporeans will now think that that tide has turned. The government is listening to the people at last. Along with their newly formed internet brigade, they are taking over the internet slowly but surely. The same monkey performing the same trick to a different audience. Can fool most but never everyone.

The traditional monkey trick is not new to everyone. Talk to one or two guys. Tell the whole world you have met the whole world. And make it BIG. Just look here

Visited a resident, but Shitty Times photographer can teleport into a house in advance to take a picture. So natural.

Shook hand with Ah Pek

TCSS with Uncle

Smile smile at Auntie

Look happy with Ah Pui

Visited folks. Must emphasize their living conditions of course

Kawan with kakak

Touch touch Ah Soh

Screw screw light bulb

Shake shake more hands

Carry baby

Makan baby

The above is just for illustration only. I have nothing against Miss Tin Pei Ling. She's an airhead but it's alright. That's my opinion by the way, not an accusation. I chose to use her pictures over her other colleagues because I can still bear looking at her in my blog. Her other colleagues make me puke. If you haven't taken breakfast, you can search the internet for the same crap. Just change the name.

Mai wayang lah, Mr guy-who-can't-be-named. Bringing the old ways to the internet is not effective. Let me tell you how but let me say my piece first.

"I read (the post) ... I assessed him to be sincere and genuine, so I wanted to meet up with him,"

Why don't you meet up with Mr Brown? Didn't your good friend Denise Phua said Mr Brown is a real check for the PAP and there was no need for oppositions? Why don't you meet Lucky Tan? Or Yawning Bread? Red Bean? Mollymeek? Feedmetothefish? Winkingdoll? Toothfully yours? Lohandbehold? The last 3 being highly educated professionals in the medical field. Not genuine and sincere enough for you? You can invite the LIFT all the way back from UK since you love foreign talents talking funny. You can even try talking to Milomel and get to know her fuckerism better. It will probably help. You also left out the Dotseng, the man you should be really meeting up with, if you are serious about improving this country.

Yeah. Right.  Instead of picking the most famous SMRT train driver in Singapore with a virtual cable tie recycled from holding up their broken track arm around his wrists, why don't you pick someone who is not afraid of losing his job. Or his citizenship. Or getting sued. What do you expect Gintai to tell you and your Shit Times reporter other than polite things so that you can show off to the rest of the Singaporeans reading the shit? If you want the truth, no bloggers will be telling you any. Unless you do what we say in the army, "Strip your fucking rank on the shoulder and face me like a man." Besides, you can't handle the truth.

"I can't meet them all."

Oh yes you can Mr Minister. At the word 'Go,' the organisations under your charge will queue up offering auditoriums for your face to face chat with hundreds of bloggers at one go. FOC. If you are sincere and genuine, do it behind closed doors. Remove your cronies and grassoot dogs from the scene. Don't bring along Teo Chee Hean so you can do the "What do you think" thing yourself. Worse comes, if you feel the heat. Get out, lock the door and get your men to gas everyone and send them packing. Then tell the Shit Times to announce to the public it was a gas pipe leak from the nearby Keppel Corp. Sue them and close the case.


  1. Confirm wayang for those who know how PAP operates,sad that many who believe they know but they do not!

  2. the problem lies with short memory. we dont bear grudges long enough to last the entire term of office. Shit Times makes sure people don't remember Bromton, SMRT, and "individuals have to take personal responsibility for their medical bills'. the fear of losing your job and a potential default on your HDB loan make sure that politics is the last thing on your mind, if you have time to read newspaper. that's why there is no need for proper accountability.

    those with slightly better memory are seen as narrow-minded, for which the current standards of living have to be attributed to the ruling party.

  3. eh sorry had to say what's up with those slacks! She looks too auntie...

  4. Hi asingaporeanson,

    > "Winkingdoll? Toothfully yours? Lohandbehold? The last 3 being highly educated professionals in the medical field."

    No lah, you've overestimated me [您过奖了]. I am just a nobody. An ordinary Singaporean who switched career to become a nurse.

    To borrow some words from the infamous Wee Shu Min...

    I am one of those "old ppl (ie, 40 and above) [who] fear for their jobs". My fear was (and is still) so great that it drove me to emigrate.

    I came from "the sadder class", "the neighborhood poor". I know well enough to accept "my lot in life" that I should be grateful to have 3 meals/day (not even restaurant or food-court or hawker-centre ones), a HDB flat over my head, clothes on my back, and "affordable" healthcare that hopefully does not mis-diagnose me again!
    Yet, given the trends in PAP-driven policies since the millennium, I felt that even my simple retirement plan (in Singapore) for 3 basic meals/day, a small HDB, simple clothes, "affordable" healthcare is at risk.

    While I have never written to the Straits Times Forum, my recent simple feedback on a minister's Facebook page was quietly removed. No, I did not use any cuss words nor call anyone names. Between my feedback and its removal was a (rather ugly) behind-the-scene Facebook discussion on an ex-schoolmate's Facebook wall, which aimed to connect alumni from the same school brand (of which the minister was from). Perhaps my simple feedback was written off as "incensed diatribe"?

    I accept that perhaps I am "not good enough" for Singapore, so "life [in Singapore] will kick you [me] in the balls". Oh yes, I have no balls to face being kicked, that's why I left. I did not "go be friggin communist", but I did "go be friggin centralist" (i.e. Canadian politics is pretty much middle-of-the-road). That said, I am still observing, still watching with my eyes-wide-open before I make my final decision in a few years time.

    As things stand now, in Singapore, I would be considered by an "elite, one of the sinners who will inherit the country and run his [my] stock to the gutter" as "one of many wretched, undermotivated, overassuming leeches in our country". In Canada, despite my current preference "to be unemployed" and previous part-time job "as a sales assistant", I and my stock are never considered "losers". You see, it is NOT the same everywhere, this “far too survival of fittest” society exists mainly in 3rd-world countries, USA and Singapore. USA has crashed. Will Singapore be next?

    To repeat my main point, Asingaporeanson, you've overestimated me [您过奖了]. I am just a nobody.

    Best Regards, WD.

    1. Hi,
      You share the same sentiments as my brother who migrated to Vancouver. Indeed, it's those "despised", "pariah" etc quitters who truly love their country even though they no longer reside here. Maybe one day, we natives will have to depend on you people to save our country! It shows the roots will always tug at your heart strings no matter where you are. Agreed with this post that you are one of the true patriotic native even though people are despised by some.

  5. Wow! Me senses that the average Singaporeans are really looking down on themselves!
    And why not if PHD Researcher had to become taxi driver and I heard there are quite a few other u graduates and ex-senior executives too!

    Okay, professionals are having a hard time, so please imagine how lowly educated Sinkies like me have to live.


  6. Gobement just wanna spolit market. Now they are forcing SMEs to come up with double pay scheme to pay attachement students over an attachment period of 6 weeks and no conditions! 6 weeks is too short a time for the interns to really benefit. And according to my knowledge, countries like US dun even need to pay for Interns sometimes as Interns are there to learn and go. Indirectly, they are raising the cost of Sg products and services...and how to mantain a well balanced living standard.

  7. Wow, -asingaporeanson- , I'm so glad my blog is not worth being mentioned, because the truth is… it's really nothing to scream about.
    I mean, I've been using it to shout out my way over 5 years, and nothing's come out of it, so that's how it comfortably stays.

    Rather, I'm enjoying being a constructive commenter on others' blogs, because I really feel the interaction in this way.
    I hope to keep it that way, and may not even any work I do in future pressure me to stop having my teeny-weeny independent voice.

    And I also wish to continue hearing small but authentic Singaporean voices arise from all corners.
    After all, after getting so used to surviving on sanitised, canned, mass-appeal spin for so much of my life, why would I crave for more of the same?

  8. You are a good man bro. Let the wicked ones perish. :)