Last Day of Winter

Today is the last day of Winter.

Winter has been my favourite season so far and I am quite sad that it will be over in 24 hrs' time. Perhaps in cold, small sources of warmth were much easier to detect. I was lucky to experience warmth from in all sorts of form here in Perth as well as from Singapore. These would be treasured and embedded in the Tome of Recall.

Winter teaches many lessons. The cold grants the ability to preserve and the ease of shattering entities in a state of brittleness. It would take years of cultivation to put these properties into wise usage. Some say there is a lesson to be learn from each mistake. I must be learning at an exponential rate than the average. It depends which way you look at it, that enlightenment is well on the way or I'm just a mistake magnet. 

No matter, we need move on like the seasons whether we like it or not. Every human being have the esoteric need to feel special, to be exclusive, to be the hero or the princess. In reality, the human ego is a monstrous ratio to each of our microscopic existence to the world. The world will definitely continue to spin when we cease to exist. Look at Steve Jobs. Great man, died, spin. The laws of nature do not care who you are, what you did, what you can do, what colour you are and what you think.

Winter in Perth was rather great. Not too cold to walk around in shorts and slippers in the afternoons. Heaters weren't necessary at night. The bath room adventures had also been thoroughly managed as compared to the first winter I experienced as a tourist 5 years ago. They call it climatising over here. The idea of our bodies gaining resistance to forms of harm is probably legit. Else, how do you explain that Japanese old man swimming across a lake in sub-zero air temperature as his morning exercise routine without ending up in the mortuary by lunch time?

Our bodies learn and adapt. We do learn, slowly but surely.


  1. Oh to be young enough not to feel the cold. My winter has involved heaters and socks and ugg boots and extra blankets and hot water bottles. Am looking forward to the warming spring.

    1. it sure feels comfy under the warm blankets are night isn't it?

  2. winter at 9C wasnt really that cold.still had shorts and t-shirt and at times a long sleeved sweater.

    i only start to wear winter wear when it starts snowing.

  3. Yes it is reasonably comfortable, winter in Perth

  4. Hope you have a very happy Fathers Day!