Lesmurdie Falls

Special thanks to Joni, who took many pictures for us and Stephen who cooked dinner for us. It was a hazy day, else it would be more of a sight. It didn't have to be perfect because it was good enough for me. I was happy, very happy.

Lesmurdie Falls was only a 20 minutes drive from my place. There wasn't much I could do to describe the place. It would not be the last time Jen, Albany and I visit this place for sure. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Lesmurdie Falls, Winter 2012
Yes, that's a truck stuck in the hills. Don't ask me why and how.


Naughty bandicoot
Nesting birds
Camo bird
Don't ask me how and why
Beautiful flowers at the base of the waterfall, everywhere
Jen kept singing "There was a stream", she was happy.

That's the truck in the hills again, if you look carefully

Albany, me and Perth


  1. The last photo in this post should be the 1st photo in your later post "It's the Density, Stupid"

  2. I'm not sure how you approached the falls, ie from Falls Road or from Palm Terrace.

    But from the car park at Palm Terrace, there is an interesting phenomenon or optical illusion, which you may or may not be aware of.

    When I migrated here (from Singapore) in 1981, another Singapore migrant (from 1975) showed me this.

    Just before the car park/picnic area at the end of Palm Terrace, a little stream crosses under the road. From this point, Palm Terrace appears to slope upwards away from the car park.

    If you drive to this point, stop, shut off your engine but leave your handbrake off and gear in neutral, your car will appear to roll up the slope, not down.

    My 2 sons at that time were 6 and 5, and they called this place upside down hill, which I still call it.

  3. Many thanks for pointing out the place. We visited one lovely spring weekend. It was lovely. We so enjoyed it that we are planning to go back there again.