The Fear of Rainbows

Stephen's rainbow
The rainbow I saw at Bibra Lake
Rainbow sometime ago

It was Thursday. I saw 5 rainbows this week during my early morning drive. 1 each day, a double rainbow this morning. That made it 5. Apparently Stephen saw 1 this morning elsewhere too. Most early working ones around the coastal Perth regions would have spotted rainbows almost everyday this week. The thing about rainbow here is that, it follows you all around just like a moon. The extremely low landscape and buildings here allow me to view a long distance so much as the sky always looked lower than it is. That is why I can see the same rainbow (or did I not?) after driving 40km.

For most, a rainbow is a sight to behold. Instead, it reminded me of my car accident. That morning, I saw a huge rainbow, and I meant a really huge arch, across the entire span of the sky. Since then, I have yet seen one bigger. Still the smaller ones in Winter brought back ill memories of my accident in Autumn. Every day of this week, I had been on high alert during my drive, especially when I drove into the precinct of Bibra Lake. Fear is a curse which embeds into one's subconscious, renders irrationality and manipulate his actions and beliefs towards an entity forever. 

Joe, a newly arrived Singaporean for example have condemn Armadale as a suburb to avoid because of a bad experience in his first visit to Armadale when he was hunting for a rental house. My ex-supervisor who spent his entire life between Gosnells and Armadale will simply shrug and tell me there is nothing wrong with these places and he never experience anything bad before. People who came to Australia and went back telling everyone it is a racist country. I wondered what happened to them prior to that. We can't view the world in their shoes because our reality is different.

The entire blog is a better example. My opinion of Singapore radically differs to the majority of Singaporeans. To most of my countrymen, I am irrational. To the Malaysian kawans, Singapore is one of the best countries to the world to live in. We have the best government in the world and yet I don't agree. I must be gila, to Malaysian readers. Gila, irrational I'm not sure but I am aware I'm scarred and wounds have not started to heal.


  1. Brother u got the copyright to my pic or not? Steph Lol

    1. Alamak. paiseh bro. Good stuff must share la. how often anyone see a rainbow in the sea at dawn?

  2. IMO, we (Singaporeans) are a bunch of frogs in the well stuck on the island surrounded by water and two bridges. We need to go out and explore the world in order to compare the goods and the bad. Yes some may argue internet is a good place to explore the world. However its simply not the same until you explored and live to share the tales.

  3. Beautiful rainbows ! I love the open spaces which we can hardly here in Sg. Too cram here. Too much ppl here. No space to move around !

  4. Early morning during my graveyard shift, having a little time slot, the manager have a little chat with me. For everyone information, the manager for my overnight shift today is a Malaysian. He is one of the person that Nix saying Malaysian will think Singapore is the best country to live in the world. So ngam agreeing to my point that I gila come here to work in McD instead of working the comfortable office job in Singapore. Having said that, am I really out of my mind to come here... Erm... probaly just time can tell.....
    I totally agree with different people have different view of things. Is Singapore really that good? I think only the people who really lived there before will know what is going on there and only people like us who is in Perth know what is happening here....

  5. I am crossing my fingers and hoping to get my approval out soon. I still have bond to serve but.... I dream of waking up to see rainbows, nature, and enjoy the SPACE...


  6. I named Perth 'City of Rainbow' cos I have never seen so many rainbows within one day / one week anywhere else! I still remembered seeing the rainbow playing hide and seek for countless times within half hours, over the city skyline when I was located further north. It was the most amazing sight, as if Perth city was inside the crystal ball.

    They say, 'At the end of the rainbow, is the pot of gold' ~ so fear not mate when you drive with the rainbow. :-)

    Btw, I'm moving to Thornlie soon so I hope Thornlie will be nice to me!