Time to Sow

Lai liao, lai liao! Spring is coming and it is time to plant some stuff. Do we not need chili? No, we need them. Why, because Jen has made her first attempt of chili paste and it tasted F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C. So I've started growing chili.

Much as I love to, I'll grow a lemon tree and other fruit trees. Not a chance in years. Not going to be happen as long as I don't own a house in Perth. But shrubby plants, potty plants. No problem. So here goes. Heck, I'll prepare the patch and grow some vegetables too. 

Yes I will.

It is time to sow, and sow a lot. It cost very little but the effort tends to give us back something 10 folds, 20 folds, 100 folds, the proper down-to-earth manner. Will we have too much? No chance. None of Eve's lemons have gone to waste. None of her chili's went to waste too. Thanks Eve, for your generosity. We certainly eat a lot. Winter is costly.

It is time to lose all the weight I gained over Winter. From a caged  pig to a free range chicken again. Gotta work out something with my schedule to, heh, work out. Perhaps I'll cycle to work. Wait. I don't have a bicycle. Maybe I'll get it when I return to Singapore. A Brompton bike from Bike Hop perhaps. Winter's over in 2 weeks. 

Time to work.

Time to work.


  1. I have a dwarf lemon tree that grows in a large pot. It is not even a metro tall, far less, but produces beautiful lemons all through the year. Worth a try and easy to take with you when you move.

  2. That word should have been metre, not metro, damn presumptive computer spelling whatever the hell it likes !!

  3. Wow!
    My son will love the gardening!

    He grew the green bean to a flowering plant to more beans! I never know Tau gau can have flowers! In the past, my science project stopped at 5 cm...

    Last year, he grew onion and I had spring onion that I used for my potato salad!
    I guess I better spark his interest again!

  4. Try portable garden beds. Heard of no dig gardening? Or Vertical gardening? Just google and have fun.