Seeya Mate

Final update on The Barry White Project

UK guy came over tonight and handed me A$150. I would not be seeing Barry White anymore. That was our agreement. I could have gotten more money by stripping more parts off but I decided to call it a day. I gained 150 bucks and my parking lot, UK guy gained the rest of Barry White. I was reluctant at first because there were parts that I needed myself but never got around dismantling them due to the lack of tools. Never mind. What was decided was decided. My friend Patrick had trained me to become a very decisive person.

There were a couple more parts left in the garage. I took them out in my free time before UK guy towed Barry White off. No idea if they would be sold. If they do, that will add a little bit more to the stash. We'll wait and see.

UK guy though, spent a good 20 minutes chatting with me before I saw him for the last time. He told me how the homeless in UK will never starve. I raised an eyebrow at his tall tale. "No way," I said. He widened his eyes and reinforced his points with hand gestures. "At the end of each day the bakery section of Tesco will sell bread for 2p each. Nothing over 10p," he said. What P was he talking about? Penny? Pence? Whatever. He made it sound cheap. "Beggars," he continued, "could easily get a few pounds a day without much problems. That could get them a week's supply of bread if they buy them at the end of the day."


UK guy went on comparing prices of regular meals between the UK and Perth. Food really sound affordable there. He even joked that he could buy Margaret River wine, grown, fermented, bottled in WA, cheaper in UK than in Perth itself. Only that it was fact, he insisted. He couldn't stop when he started talking about cars. I knew about this one. Singaporeans who came to Perth screaming, "Cheap! Cheap!" autonomously when they saw a car gave me a little blush. These weren't cheap. Our cars in Singapore are ridiculously expensive. To the Poms, cars in Perth are ridiculously expensive. Even a A$2,000 Daihatsu Cuore was expensive to UK guy. He claimed he bought one for 650 pounds. Different perspectives. Demonstrated once again, the world is not black and white. It has many shades of gay.

As I bid UK guy goodbye and shut my door, I pondered for a while and tried to imagine the scene if  Breadtalk tried selling their leftover bread for S$0.02 per piece instead of throwing them to the bin. Will the homeless even get their hands on a single piece to munch through the lonely night? Maybe, if they can squeeze past the Merc driving, Zara carrying crowd.


  1. cheap u wait till u die also dun have so cheap

    ah pooh

  2. From my boss' mouth:

    you are poor because you did not work hard enough.

  3. lol... but i thought everything is subsidized in sg... well the gahmen said so... so it must be true...

  4. Yeah.. Used to think cars here are cheap as compared to Singapore. In the US, everything is much cheaper. A second-hand 4 year old Mini Cooper only cost US$14K, three year old Honda Odyssey limited edition cost US$24K. Standard of living in Oz is way too high... Artificially inflated.