We Are Singapore, Singaporeans

My nationality is Singaporean. That doesn't change, wherever I am. My next generation, being born and bred, has a much higher chance to be accepted into the society breathing the same air, speaking the same lingo, growing up on local food and spout from local culture since day 1. For me, it is pointless to pretend I am Australian because I am not. I know I will never be accepted by Australians whether or not I try to assimilate. I can learn fast but I'll never be one of them, only the "most preferred of the rest" at best. My roots are Singaporean, giving up a red passport will never change that. I don't see why I cannot contribute to my host country while remaining a patriot to my birth country.

What is patriotism anyway?

devoted lovesupport, and defense of one's country; national loyalty

National Day is coming. Did you fly your flag? Why aren't Singaporeans flying their flags anymore? What does flying the state flag means to you? You don't care. Don't you love your country anymore? You chose not to fly the flag as a silent protest against the government. As per the definition of patriotism, it is the love of the country. The government is not in the equation. In fact, true patriots should not just love but protect their country from harm and that includes a self serving government who do not care about the state and the people anymore. On the other side of the balance, there are people who actually believe they are patriots for loving their government more than their country and slate their countrymen for criticising the faults of the government and the harm they did to our country. Who are the real patriots and who are the fools?

I'm not here to debate about this today.

As kids who grew up in the late 70s to 80s, we were sold the idea of an inclusive society where everyone played a part. Everyone who was willing to contribute had a place in the community. We sang patriotic songs with lyrics like, 

"Do the best you can."
"Recognise you can play a part, let it come right from your heart."
"Every creed and every race, has its role and has its place."

After the millennium, your best is not enough. Meritocracy. The fittest survives. There is not place for the average. Shape up or ship out. Suddenly we are all not good enough. Foreigners now plays a bigger part. Cheaper, better, faster. Was I the only one who was naive enough as a young boy who really believed there would be a place for me to live, settle down, raise kids, retire and die happily? I might be the only one, the gullible and naive. I was a fool. So let this be a post for your mockery. Go on, laugh.

In 2011, the beautiful vision I was sold officially vapourised as hard truths dawned on me.








It hurts a little to be accused of bashing my own country by people who feel no pain to see their beloved motherland going into ruins. Another group of clowns who chorus "Don't blame the government for everything." happens to praise the government for everything, whether or not the deserve it. This group buys into the story repeated over the huge screens of the National Day Parade every fucking year. From the gloomy black-and-white shitty years to someone teary and crying to the colour vibrant laser exciting millennium. And the crowd cheers. Some people deserves ALL the credit. They did it all. When things go wrong, nah don't blame them for everything. Dirty double standards skunks. 

Being grateful? Sure I am. I am nothing without the contributions of our forefathers and yes, the government of the last few decades. It bears the same name but it doesn't play the same game anymore. Gratefulness, sure. Do tell that to your children and grandchildren too. Tell them to be grateful that we had a ball in our time and are destroying all our past generations have painstakingly built, leaving nothing to them.

The government and their financial juggernaut Temasek Holdings, controls everything in our lives. From our kindergarten, food, medical, municipal issues, education, housing, services, transport, utilities, media and now some old rusty piece of shit wants Singaporeans to have a code of conduct over the internet. No, don't blame everything on the government. Fuck off. They're everywhere, anywhere, everything and they are the only agency that has the power and resources to solve problems. Nobody else. Who else should take responsibilities when something goes wrong? Kong Hee?

I don't know why Singaporeans are not flying their flags anymore. You are unhappy. You don't bother about your country anymore. You need to put the money for the flag aside for your next meal. You think national pride cannot be eaten. What do you think? Only you know it.


  1. The other day, my daughter asked me... "daddy, how come there are so few flags outside the flats nowadays....why are people not flying the Singapore flags anymore???"
    I couldn't answer her.

  2. Should reply: Not blocks facing the road. As such, RC no budget to put flag.

  3. Should also reply: "more S'poreans are treating S'pore flag as PAP flag afterall S'pore has been ruled by only one party since 1959".
    Going by the outcome of GE2011, at least we should see 60.1% proudly flying S'pore flag during 2012 NDP month? If anything less than 60.1% may interpret as they had voted due to no choice or they regret and repent now, what do you think?

    1. Saw 3 variations of Chinapore (or ROC - Republic of Chinapore) flags:




  4. We are all victims of political circumtances.Thoughout my life, I was made to change nationality like as if it was the fashion of the day. I was born a British subject and sang "God saves the Queen" until primary 3. I was fast forwarded to learn Malay so that I was able to sing the Malaysian anthem "Negara Ku" and due to incompatibility of the the political leaders at that time, my nationality was again changed without my asking. At least, now I have a choice.

  5. Hey I really like those pics posted! Lol! Nearly no one put up the flag anymore. Sad day for us. No one in the mood to celebrate unlike in those good old days. Sigh ...!

    1. Celebrate National Day? In a country which is becoming more foreign to me? In a country where foreigners are treated better than locals?

      So disillusioned and disappointed that I don't even bother to watch the NDP telecast for the past few years. This country has been screwed up by the Pappies, yet they are still getting their millions and the opposition parties are as useless as dumb cows. The common people are the ones suffering or at the losing ends.

    2. With ISA, unique GRC system, redrawing of electoral map, defamation law suit, no freedom of speech, no peaceful assembly, no independent press and media, even elections department can be found in PM office, not to mention PA and RC, how not to be useless dumb cows?

  6. I think the lyrics should be changed:

    From: One people, one nation, one Sinkapore

    To: More people, more nations, no more Sinkapore

  7. I actually fly the flag from our flat every year still, just for the month of August.
    Nothing impressive, since we're not on a very high floor such that everyone can see it like an advertisement.
    The flag is faded from many years of display and washing, and might be blocked by trees anyway.

    But I do it because I believe in our Singapore.
    Not PAP's Singapore, not the government's Singapore.
    The people's Singapore.
    That inexplicable sum total of millions upon an island, exerting their mass will upon one another and out into the world.

    That includes you folks overseas, as much as it includes those who come from overseas and still think of overseas, whether we find one another acceptable or not.

    Because this is home.
    And anyone who claims to control its destiny forever, is foolishly forgetting s/he is but a temporary mortal guest here.
    This land ever belongs to its people.