Flip, Flop

It still happen often. When I make deliveries and get bored with the seemingly endless roads, I think of the little bundle at home. Time passes so quickly everyday such that I am rushing for time rather than wishing the hours away. Before long, I'll knock off from work and that's when I really yearn to be at home at the soonest possible. So I can hold Albany, smell her and make each other laugh. 

She can flip herself back and forth now and I was fortunately enough to be there, looking over her as a proud father. I witnessed her struggling, whimpering in her difficulties but I held myself back to give a helping hand. Somethings, we have to do it ourselves. I was there in a flash when she made it, celebrating with Albany and calling out to Jen, who was whipping up our meals. We were very happy, all three of us.

When they don't do it, they don't. When they do, they do it too often. By now, it is difficult to contain her. She flips so quickly, sometimes consecutively and landed outside the soft yoga mat before you know it. I don't feel too comfortable with that because sometimes she looks like she bumps her head on the floor. I may have to extend the mat boundary.

Jen showed me Albany's earlier pictures as a infant. How quickly has she grown. You tend not to notice it seeing her everyday. I could still remember every moment of her birth and how we spent the time alone by the window bench in our hospital ward, watching the evening sun. She was sleeping soundly in my arms. She refuses to sleep in my arms anymore because she wants to share every precious moment with her Dad playing. Every evening we spent some moments 'dancing' by the window. Whenever I hum a waltzing tune, do a mock dance while holding her close to me, she will glance at our reflections of the window and chuckle and chuckle and chuckle.


  1. Brings tears to my eyes.

    - JY

  2. It's time for a second one... otherwise, it would be like moi missing those baby days of my child.

  3. I wish she can be mine.
    Lol. She's so adorable with those rosy cheeks.

  4. Juicy cheeks u have little Albany!!! :) see u soon! Muaks! M