Loose Grains

Question: How long can 300 Singaporeans survive a Persian onslaught before they are thoroughly exterminated? 

Answer: 3 hours before the Persian army arrives.

For Singaporeans would die fighting amongst themselves before they could even stand together to muster any effort towards a cause. One would pick on the crack in his shield, the other would whine about his spear being 3 centimetres short. When you think you have heard it all, someone would point out that the guy besides him did not shave that day and spark a melee. At the end of the fight, a few more would leave the battlefield no matter how the fight was settled, being disillusioned for different reasons.

300 soldiers makes a terribly small fighting force, even in modern warfare. Everyone here counts but alas, not everyone wants to be counted. It is alright, we are Arcadians really, not Spartans yet. Who am I kidding? For one, we don't even have 300 of us from the start to begin with - yet we couldn't get along. I feel so weary that I don't know if I should be carrying on. It is probably time to let go and let the rest carry on the Battle of Plataea.

A comrade left to search for attendees for her funeral. I didn't stop her but couldn't help wondering who will attend mine.


  1. It is always darkest before the Dawn.

  2. This goes to wonder how many overseas PR will come back to fight and support as citizens when activated.

    1. The SG government knows the exact answer to this and are mom (pun unintended) about it. Just count the number of overseas PR's that have renounced SG citizenship.

    2. Brainless Jeep Driver30 August 2012 at 15:17

      It goes to wonder how many Singaporeans in Singapore will head for Changi when activated too.

  3. The leaders will say they are immigrants, open the gate and welcome the Persians. No fighting. GDP will increase as Persians stimulate the economy.

  4. Timely post to reflect how I feel too!
    We kill one another and became laughing stock!
    How competitive we could be!

  5. It is not worth to fight them (Persians) or fight for them (PAP).