Closer to the Stars

Albany is growing up fast. I had to look for a baby cot for her to sleep and play in. The cot she have been sleeping in is an outdoor portable type which we bought in a hurry a week or so before her delivery. It is still strong and sturdy like new but it will not be long before it have to take damages from Albany once she learns how to stomp around. It is a bit early because Albany has not learnt how to crawl properly yet but these things don't come free everyday. I left it in the living room but reckon I should be moving it into our room soon lest it becomes a clothes hanger.

A good sturdy cot for Albany to play in

Noni offered her baby cot for free so I went up the hills to Lesmurdie to look for her. She was slim and looked in her 30s, easily the nicest Australia woman I've met. Not because she gave me a free cot but the way she took time to tell me how to use it properly, load it up the vehicle for me and even bothered to explain she couldn't chat for long because the landscaper was waiting for her instructions. Despite that, she had enough time to introduce her 1 year old toddler to me. She spoke gently and not too fast, unusual of a local lady. I usually got these right and could differentiate between locals and Europeans. Not this time, she told me she was born and bred Aussie.

It must be the fresh air. She lives in Lesmurdie, which is part of the Darling Scarp, also known of Perth Hills. The average height of the Darling Scarp is about 450m above sea level. That is about a third of Genting Highland height. The ascending drive was amazing. As usual, no photograph can capture the awesome feeling of watching something that nature conjured. 

You can see the city from the hills
There were actually a couple of suburbs on this part of the hill itself. Lesmurdie is one of them. The surroundings and environment was simply enchanting. I don't mind living there. Now I know where did the RPG game makers got all their inspiration from. You can put Lesmurdie into a game as a lovely town or village and it will not be out of place.

Goldilocks reached 80km/h on engine brake in the 5th gear during my descend. It was dangerous, not in the Genting way. On the contrary, the roads were well designed for the speed. At 80km/h in a normal car, no one will be in danger of flying off the hills due to the centrifugal force. Rather, from an unattentiveness of the driver watching the amazing scenery.

I wonder how do the residents of Lesmurdie spend their evenings. Watching the entire milky way in the dark, unblocked view?

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  1. You need to get out in the bush, away from any light pollution and then you will see the stars, unbelievable, overwhelming amounts of stars that most of the world will never know are there. I hope you get to experience it :)