Fremantle Port

I slept late last night. That was a mistake because today was the day I covered the most distance on road during work. I drove a total of 160km. That was nothing compared to the professional couriers or interstate truck drivers or even bus drivers. Considering I had to stop at 6 locations and perform different tasks at each one, while stopping twice in the factory to juggle work flow, it was a rather tiring.

The final location I had to go was the Port of Fremantle. That was my first visit to this place. There was a crate who came from Singapore that I had to pick up from here. On the way to the port, I drove half asleep along the entire Leech Highway from Perth Airport. I tried many methods, slapping my face, pinching places, winding down the window, music, turning down the temperature, turning up the temperature, nothing really worked. I almost dozed off at every red light I stopped at. The strong sun light didn't help matters, forcing me to close my eyes more often than I preferred. Finally I made myself to the port in one piece. Loading of the damn crate took a while as there were large trucks before me which took seemingly forever to fill up. 

When I finally received my pallet of steel, I drove off gratefully. I could call it a day when I unload that in the factory. I was knackered. I needed a rest badly. Driving home would be another 35km. On the way out, I took a glance at the ocean along the coast road of the port. That place was just our PSA region. Containers lined up everywhere, with forklift and cranes constantly in action. I decided to pull over and take a breather.

I climbed up the monster and sat on the crate and gazed into distance. The afternoon winter breeze worked through my hair, whatever left of it. That essence of nature rejuvenated me in an instance. It was a surprising experience. I shut my eyes for a few seconds to allow other senses to take over the sensation. The ocean was calm today. The waves beckoned gently like an elderly and swished in serenity. For a moment, I could not hear the occasional vehicle passing by behind me. Only birds, the wind and the ocean. I could hear the ocean whisper. That's why you are here.

Another rainbow, hidden behind the dark cloud
I drove back without the weariness that plagued me the entire afternoon and subsequently home. On the way, I dropped by Angel's abode to pick up home-made delights. Though the journey back from her place to mine wasn't that long, somehow I ate 2 coffee cupcakes along the way. They were good. Gotta  conjure out something with my cauldron in return. Need to obtain some skele bones, unicorn horn shavings perhaps.

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  1. "That's why you are here." Oh gosh!

    I would love to enjoy that moment.
    A place where one could really enjoy and rejuvenate oneself.

    One of world's most liveable city (that money cannot create:(