Blurry World

Have you experienced living a day where you couldn't see well and everything looked hazy, you could hear but not listen, you could feel but couldn't relate and at the same time, everyone wanted a piece of you and you didn't know what to do first?

Did anyone experience going back to work after attending a night course which ended at 2200hrs in the night, just to get screwed by people, climb scaffold, beg workers to buck up and make his way back home at 0300hrs, wake at 0730hrs and repeat that over and over again? I thought I would never experience this again. That was nothing compared to what happened back home. Perth hasn't come to that stage yet, surely but slowly. The body was telling you something was breaking. Something was wrong but you couldn't put a finger to it. Neither could a doctor if you bother to visit one. Many would pop a few pills to counteract the symptoms and rest their laurels, ignoring it was more than a physiological issue.

Imagine your hands being bound behind and yourself to a lamp post and see leeches crawling towards you for the first time in your life. Somehow you got yourself undone, grabbed a knife and made multiple stabs on the leeches on your thighs, wounding yourself in the process. You couldn't care less about yourself anymore. You went all out to vanquish your innate fears and subliminal anguish like tangible symbols of elements from your unconscious minds and innermost thoughts

When was it since I slept before 2000hrs? Not even when I was down with illness back home. I wasn't even sick. It just felt like a bad boot up and nothing seemed to be running. Even the two mates at work noticed. Surely the boss from Singapore who came over for a visit would have too, despite me trying to be as cheerful as I could while giving him feedback of what was going fine and what wasn't. At 2000hrs or probably earlier, I decided that enough was enough and bid the world goodbye. Until the next time.

I was woke by Albany's farts at 0100hrs. That sound like music compared to divisive voices. I thought I felt better and decided to write some notes. I missed writing at wee hours like now. Perhaps I shouldn't have taken up the new job and stuck to my steel trade jobs at unearthly hours. A broken body didn't seem to feel worse than a broken soul. In that way, I wouldn't rouse any human beings. I didn't have the time to anyway. I have failed in people management time and again. Perhaps I should consider working in a mortuary. That requires somebody special. Perhaps I am the special one.


  1. you need to work ina mortuary?

    try contacting saf armoured unit in oz itself for a job. you satisfy their tech criteria and would be in management position there if they fancy a singaporean working in their know where they are and should have no trouble contacting them if they do advertise.

    for your info,becoming an oz pr got harder or even as good as a lottery now even for degree holders.people in spore might satisfy the minimum points but like the o level or poly entrance system there is a cut off point despite satisfying the minimum requirements.

    Just count yourself lucky really as compared to all those sporeans who meet the minimum points for oz immigration but cant immigrate and compete with the millions of other applicants worldwide who have better points.

    1. I got my oz pr but still can't get a job of my profession in oz after trying for almost 5 mths in sg despite applying for less pay and less senior jobs.
      Seemed like asking for lower pay did not work on most oz companies unlike most of their sg counterparts will likely to employ cheap FTs.
      So am I still lucky or not?

    2. Hi Anon at 30 August 2012 15:30,

      Firstly, I would suggest that you re-look at your primary reason for applying for Aussie PR. That is, what is your priority in life?

      Just to share my observations in Canada, another popular migration destination. As a potential immigrant, you are competing with other (potential) immigrants who are so eager/desperate for a chance to live in the host country that they would not care even if they give up their previous profession for a low-status job (e.g. flipping burgers at a fast-food restaurant) and/or make other sacrifices in the process. From there, they network around for local references and get their qualifications "localized", and slowly work their way back into their previous industry (at same or lower levels than previous) or even switch to another industry altogether. For this group, having the same job/career as before is not the crux of migration, creating a better life/future (however they define it) either for themselves or their children is the crux of migration.

      Just to share, a fellow Singaporean who landed on the same day from the same flight as me left Canada within a few months because she could not step-down in her career, even for the short/mid-term.

      There is no right or wrong choice. Each person has to make his/her own decision based on what is his/her priority. What is your priority in life?

      Cheers, WD.

    3. "try contacting saf armoured unit in oz itself for a job. you satisfy their tech criteria and would be in management position there if they fancy a singaporean working in their know where they are and should have no trouble contacting them if they do advertise."

      This sounds interesting

    4. ji zu.zher sie yang ren zai mac si kan pi fu guo ni bei jiao shi he king,te men yi ting hui suo ni mei you da men de ouzhou yao jiu huo ni men xiu li ren zai bing pu hui hen tuo dong si huo suo ni dai tuo shue wen da men bu yong ni ...huo qi da men mo ming qi miao de yuan de hao xiang shi bu yau hua ren.

      ru guo da men yang ren li mien bu gei ni siao kong zhuo ,qing gen ni de ping shi lian luo.

      da men yang ren zai na gong shi zhi tao zai zuo sher mo huai si ,shuo yi wo gen ni shuo hua yu.

  2. just be careful of all macs in oz.they cant be trusted.

  3. You have pushed yourself very hard for a year and it sounds as though you may need a holiday to give yourself a break from the pressure. Btw anyone who works in man management feels the same. It's always like wading through concrete, doesn't mean that you are doing it wrong, it's just that people are never easy.

    1. it is time for a break perhaps. definitely should do it