The Heart of Barry White

 Update on The Barry White Project,

Over the week, I had gotten my butt out and stepped up on The Barry White Project. I received almost no interest in other car parts I had listed but there were a few inquiries on the engine. I invited one of them to come over, since the rest were all half hearted time wasters. The buyer is a Brit. (He couldn't escape my Aussie detector machine).

Fortunately for me, a random buyer rang me about a seatbelt. He was quick and came over before the Brit guy did. Within 5 minutes, he dismantled the seatbelt because I removed some components before he came. It was the fastest A$20.00 I made in my life. Fortunately for a guy who knew what he was doing. Then it was the wait for the engine buyer to come.

The plan was to move Barry White to his house where he had all the equipment to remove the heart of Barry White. Then he would move the remains of Barry White back. I agreed and assisted him to load Barry White up his trailer. He told me a used trailer costed him A$4,000 and a new one would be about A$10,000. Hmm. A$10,000 for that junk? I could weld that with my 3rd rated skills given some scrap metal and machine. Even if I buy brand new tyres and fit them up, I would not need to spend A$10,000 for sure. I will not be buying a trailer for a few good years, I'm sure of that.

It was sad to Barry White leave the place. It reminded me of my first and only van that I owned in Singapore, which I used for my wedding and eventually sold because HDB didn't allow me to park in the carpark without car insurance. I was prepared to pay parking for nothing during my absence from Singapore but not more than S$2,500 a year for insurance and road tax combined. It was a sad, sad day when I left my Kangoo to the dealer. It didn't hurt as much the second time with Barry White. Perhaps it was not the end yet. Barry White will be back soon, heartless.

I received A$250.00 for the engine. A total of A$270.00 for today to add on to the Barry White fund.

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  1. so whats the final revenue from the sales of barry white's parts and dereg and scrap?